Marco Trifone

- contemporary singing teacher and vocal coach since 1996

Born in Milan in 1964, he’s a singer, guitarist and composer. Marco studied the art of singing with Mary Lindsay and after that he started to study artistic vocal technique following the courses led by Elisa Turlà in Milan.

He studied in S. Francisco CA. in 1997 with the researcher Jo Estill and in 2004 took part in the course on interpretation in musical led by Cinthya Perkins.

Marco got his master’s degree in Estill Voicecraft (E.V.T.S) vocal technique in Milan in 2003, since then he has regularly attended refresher courses on physiology of artistic voice and conventions led by the Professor Franco Fussi in Ravenna, artistic voice international convention IT.

I colori della Voce​®

- Individual or groupe, modern and musical singing lessons


’I Colori della Voce’’ , provides individual or groupe, modern and musical singing lessons under
the artistic supervision of Marco Trifone, who has been a professional singer since 1985 and
singing teacher/vocal coach since 1996. 

Over time ”I Colori della Voce’’ has become a theatre company present throught out Italy.

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The concept of ‘colore’ (colour), which expresses the variety of timbres and the uncountable possibilities of the voice, all this lead to creation of the workshops called ‘Labs’ in 2005.
They are an incredible and powerful tool of expression and comunication wich integrate the essential individual element with amazing group collaborations.
It is important to remember that individual lessons constitute the foundation of singing lessons. 

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…‘’’the expected thrill from the audience, at first must come from our skin, in order to reach the soul
of the people who still want to perceive and be amazed’’’… (M.Trifone)

…”’I’ve always thought music is in fact a colour, a natural and magical binomial which has always been inseparable and I’ve always thought the same thing about singing, to the point that I even started to make experiments with the public! The colour of the voice travels through singing, and touches the soul more than anything else. It travels constantly changing his shades… I’ve always asked myself what there could be even more naturally colourful and magical!… ”( M.Trifone vocal coach ) 


Broadway sul Naviglio

... the last callback

‘’Broadway sul naviglio…the last call-back’’ is a brilliant and enchanting show with original script,
directing and vocal coaching managed by Marco Trifone and the of Domenico Zucano

The show is performed thanks to the cast composed by seven performers from the courses ‘I Colori della Voce’ . 

It is suitable for all audiences and ironically and funny shows the surreal events of a Italian-spanish director called Domingo Placido Paella, who tries to save a theatre currently in a bad economic condition.

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Insegnanti molto professionali che amano quel che fanno e che ti fanno amare il canto. Attraverso i corsi si incontrano persone fantastiche, una famiglia. Consiglio lo Studio a tutti quanti, anche a chi ha timore di tirar fuori la voce...con tutti i suoi colori!
Daniela M.
Lo devo al laboratorio dei Colori della Voce se oggi sono la front woman di una big band di 10 elementi! Superare l'ostacolo dell'emozione di riuscire a cantare davanti ad un pubblico e tirare fuori il meglio di me è stato un percorso splendido!!
Laura R.
Una recensione non basta per descrivere quanto sono contenta di far parte di questa scuola. Insegnante a dir poco fantastico in tutto e per tutto: ci mette sempre il cuore, la voglia e la passione per aiutarti e spiegarti al meglio cosa va e cosa non va; gruppo stupendo e molto divertente!! Consiglio assolutamente di provare!!
Federica B.

Cernusco sul Naviglio (MI)


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